Shooting gallery

The Shooting Sports Club «Archangel Michael” was founded in 2012. Since then our members have participated in IPSC competitions all over the globe. Extensive competition experience allowed us to witness various types of indoor and outdoor ranges, match organization styles and management standards. The best practices were used as a stepping-stone for our club. We recreated the best and made it even better!

Drawing a parallel between a professional shooter preparation and the structure of a building, one can divide it into three sections:

  • Basement — general and special physical training.
  • Walls — technical skills of firearm handling.
  • Roof — mental preparation and tactical competition experience.

Based on this, the club training grounds provide all the required facilities for:

  1. Physical training.
  2. Technical training in firearm handling.
  3. Match participation or simulation.

The final result is a multi-purpose comprehensive practical shooting training complex equipped to the highest standard to promote and develop strength, power, speed and endurance of individual shooters.

The Indoor Shooting Range is equipped with all sorts of targets available in practical shooting and updated regularly, including special new targets designed and produced locally. The 20×50 metres shooting gallery can be divided into 5 separate boxes for exercises or for dueling shooting (Shoot Off). Each box has camcorders for online visual display on the monitors in recreation and waiting areas. The infrastructure includes changing rooms, showers, a sauna, a comfortable reception area, a celebration hall and spacious parking.

All the above facilities allow us to host Level III competitions on the premises all year round. A very special ventilation system allows full air recycling within only 3 minutes to avoid pollution. High quality day-light system prevents eye fatigue during exercises.

A unique museum collection of firearms presented within the complex will surely delight any weapon enthusiast. It contains over 1000 exhibits of small arms (pistols, machine guns, shotguns, rifles dating back to 16th century, etc.).

The Outdoor Shooting Complex «Biathlon» is located within a 15 minutes drive from the city centre and provides training grounds for the spring-summer season. Existing areas include 25 metre-long shooting galleries (6), 50 metre-long galleries (4) and 30 metre-long galleries (8). Scheduled for construction: 2 shooting ranges with a distance of 25 meters (6 and 7 galleries).

Outdoor Shooting Complex «Biathlon»